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May 09

Fashion Star: Episode 9


I still don’t understand why they cut three people last night, considering the season is then only going to be 10 episodes long, but hey, I didn’t make the decision. There were a lot of buys last night, so I’m just going to jump right in and be judgey. Saks I was really happy with …

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May 07

The Plan

front plan

Over the past few days, I’ve been designing the garden that I mentioned in a few posts. And here it is! From left to right, we have full sun, part sun, and full shade, so designing the garden wasn’t really the simplest thing. I also had to take into consideration the way each of these …

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May 03


I mentioned last week that I wanted to re-do the front yard, which involved a bunch of stuff, including figuring out what’s wrong with the Azaleas.  Which I did. The location that the leggy, sad azaleas are in is under a dense, early foliage tree, which, while they’re a part-sun plant, they need much more …

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May 02

Fashion Star: Episode 8


Sak’s Kara Larick’s tuzedo shirt was interesting. I liked the detail on the front, and the bit that hung down in front at the bottom. I especially liked it in grey, which Sak’s of course didn’t pick up. It’s an interesting top – though I’d never wear it. Sak’s is selling it for $235, and …

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May 01

Sushi House


I know I just posted a restaurant review yesterday, but I went to a new place last night and had to do two in a row. This restaurant is two doors down from the most amazing Chinese restaurant in Oakland County, Rainbow, at 9 Mile and Farmington Road, but we weren’t as impressed with them …

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Apr 30

RJ’s American Grille: A Restaurant Review


Full disclosure: This is not the first time I’ve been to RJ’s. I haven’t been in a while, but this review is based on my most recent visit – and their recent changes. Atmosphere – 4 out of 5 I love that RJ’s isn’t a chain restaurant, and that the decor is all Detroit-based. I’m …

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Apr 27


Since I’m now a home improvement store garden employee, I’ve been seriously considering redoing my front yard, so I thought I share some of my ideas first before actually getting into it. This is the front of my house: As you can see, it’s pretty trashed. We have a lot of spots where the grass …

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Apr 26

Wilton Course 2: Final Cake

It’s been a while since I last posted a Wilton class cake! This one was probably the easiest cake I’ve ever made, although I’m not sure how well it cuts or how easy it is to eat considering all of those royal icing flowers! I seriously love how this one turned out, though, and I’d …

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Apr 25

Fashion Star: Episode 7

Kara Larick’s suit was baggy. It looked like it was 3 sizes too big on all of the models. And long. I was betting someone was going to buy it – most likely Saks. And after a ridiculously long wait, they of course paid $100,000 for it. Only problem is that no one else wants …

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Apr 24

Vegas Baby! Miracle Mile Shops and The Walk Back

After leaving Paris at around 6, we walked over to the Miracle Mile shops. The designer shops were getting a bit old at this point, considering I couldn’t buy anything (except an overpriced chai at Starbucks with my gift cards) but of course I had to take the gratuitous ceiling shot. Hundreds of crystals hung …

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