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Sep 07

Floors, floors, floors!

2015-06-27 17.06.40

After closing on the house, we knew we had to get two big projects out of the way before we could move in – the floors, and painting the living room and bedroom. The biggest and longest project was, of course, the floors – it took us three weekends and two weekday evenings to complete, but …

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Jul 27

Keep Friends Close and Anemones Closer

From the moment we walked into the house during our first walkthrough, I knew I needed to get rid of what we came to affectionately name The Fishtank. I’m pretty sure at this point that this strange terrarium thing has been here for all 60 years that the house has been standing, but it just …

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Jul 20

Whole House List


Now that we’ve closed on our new house, I figured it was time to share what I’ve been working on since we signed our purchase agreement. As I mentioned in my post about buying this house, it’s been a rocky road to where we are now, filled with lots and lots of excitement, and lots and …

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Jul 13

The Before


In order to properly chronicle the changes we’ll be making to the house, we of course have to post the before photos, so here they are! Front of the house: Living and dining room: Bathroom: Master bedroom: Craft room: Spare room: Basement: Backyard: Driveway and Garage: What do you think? Stay tuned for many, many …

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Jul 06

Whole House Color Scheme… Again

kinloch whole house color 2

A few days before closing, we headed over to Lowes to buy doorknobs and get some paint swatches so we could get an idea of our color scheme before closing, and all we could find in paint swatches in the HGTV Sherwin Williams colors, which are great, but I could only find one of the colors …

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Jun 29

Whole House Color Scheme

whole house color 2015

One of our first projects (after a through scrubbing) planned for our new house is painting all of the rooms. I spent a lot of time before closing picking out a whole-house color scheme that would be cohesive and make the house look bigger. I started with a floor plan that I built with the …

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Jun 22

We Bought a House!

kinloch pixelated

There are photos in this post that are blurred out for the homeowner’s privacy. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far far away way back in September, before Chris and I got married, we tried to buy a house. It didn’t go well. After putting in our offer and getting it accepted, it turned out that …

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Apr 21

Household Chemicals

So, the other day I came home and my apartment smelled weirdly of bleach. Which was really strange because I didn’t ask anyone to clean anything with bleach. I very specifically said “Please clean the stove with the rubbing alcohol” because I wanted to know how the thing that I had found on Pinterest (and regrettably …

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Aug 26



I don’t follow home decor trends. But I do follow a lot of blogs, and I definitely noticed a trend this year that’s become HUGE. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive compensation. If you’ve been following me on Pinterest recently, you’ve …

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Aug 14

Free Ashton Kutcher Speech Printables

What? A post on a Wednesday? Who knew that I would stay up until almost midnight making Ashton Kutcher posters on a Tuesday night when I CLEARLY should have been sleeping? I heard bits of his speech from the Teen Choice Awards on the radio on my way to work on Monday and it really …

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