Monthly Archive: May 2012

May 14

Mother’s Day


Happy Mommy’s day! Yesterday was Mother’s day, so I spent my day with my mom (obviously). Here she is watering the plants we planted yesterday: She’s gonna kill me for posting that. I made her a pot of plants for the patio for mother’s day (petunias, verbena, and pansies). She loved it. Anyway, we spent …

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May 10

Lelli’s On The Green


Whenever my uncle comes into town, he has to visit Lelli’s, which used to be located downtown but recently moved just down the street from our house. Today, he came in and I was available to go for the first time. Lelli’s On The Green has been his favorite restaurant for years, and I know …

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May 09

Fashion Star: Episode 9


I still don’t understand why they cut three people last night, considering the season is then only going to be 10 episodes long, but hey, I didn’t make the decision. There were a lot of buys last night, so I’m just going to jump right in and be judgey. Saks I was really happy with …

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May 07

The Plan

front plan

Over the past few days, I’ve been designing the garden that I mentioned in a few posts. And here it is! From left to right, we have full sun, part sun, and full shade, so designing the garden wasn’t really the simplest thing. I also had to take into consideration the way each of these …

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May 04

Pizza Pino


OhHay there, Swankyluvers! I’m Mike, and I’ll be bringing you today’s post all the way from the eWorld of! It’s great to be here, folks. So, yesterday I went to a concert. The concert started at 8:30, but I got there around 7, so I decided to check out a restaurant across the street …

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May 03


I mentioned last week that I wanted to re-do the front yard, which involved a bunch of stuff, including figuring out what’s wrong with the Azaleas.  Which I did. The location that the leggy, sad azaleas are in is under a dense, early foliage tree, which, while they’re a part-sun plant, they need much more …

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May 02

Fashion Star: Episode 8


Sak’s Kara Larick’s tuzedo shirt was interesting. I liked the detail on the front, and the bit that hung down in front at the bottom. I especially liked it in grey, which Sak’s of course didn’t pick up. It’s an interesting top – though I’d never wear it. Sak’s is selling it for $235, and …

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May 01

Sushi House


I know I just posted a restaurant review yesterday, but I went to a new place last night and had to do two in a row. This restaurant is two doors down from the most amazing Chinese restaurant in Oakland County, Rainbow, at 9 Mile and Farmington Road, but we weren’t as impressed with them …

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