Monthly Archive: July 2014

Jul 24

My $15 Wedding Invitations

July 22, 2014 94403 PM EDT

As many of you know, I’m currently in the process of planning my wedding. Our invitations we out on Monday, but I felt the need to share, since I save a TON of money by designing and printing my own invitations. I found a kit at a discount store called Ollie’s, which, according to their …

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Jul 22

Gym Outfits You Can Wear to Work

One of my biggest excuses for not going to the gym is the time it takes to change out of my work clothes and into my gym clothes. You have to change your pants, shirt, and bra, and my workout clothes are fitted, so in the hot locker rooms, things can get pretty sticky pretty fast. …

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Jul 21

I Think I Subconsciously Hate My Fiance

Engagement 020 edit

I sincerely love my fiance. He’s one of my favorite people, and he’s hilarious. He gets my sense of humor, and he keeps me grounded when I am SO not. But I’m starting to think that I subconsciously dislike him. Specifically in my sleep, I do every possible thing that could annoy him. The other night, …

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