Jul 21

I Think I Subconsciously Hate My Fiance

I sincerely love my fiance. He’s one of my favorite people, and he’s hilarious. He gets my sense of humor, and he keeps me grounded when I am SO not. SwankyLuv: I Think I Subconsciously Hate My Fiance

But I’m starting to think that I subconsciously dislike him. Specifically in my sleep, I do every possible thing that could annoy him. The other night, he came home from work and I was positioned perfectly in bed. I was asleep on my side and there was no way that we would touch, so I couldn’t set him on fire in my sleep (apparently I get extremely hot when I sleep).

And then he closed the door. As soon the door clicked closed, I rolled onto my stomach and fully into the area that would make me touch him. He woke me up to move, and I slid over – half an inch. After a little bit of coaxing, I finally moved over fully onto my half of the bed, but this isn’t the first time this has happened. I’m constantly laying across both sides of the bed, and sometimes I steal his pillows right out from under his head to hug while I sleep. I’ve pulled his blankets over onto me, and then subsequently flipped them off of the bed on my side.

Maybe I’m just a really bad person to sleep with.

Does your partner do anything funny to you while you’re sleeping? Do you drive your partner crazy when you sleep together? Should we just get a king-size bed?

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