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Dec 01

Rest in Peace Little Prince


On November 10th, 2014, our dog passed away in his sleep. I wrote this that day for him. You would have loved today. It’s beautiful out. Not too hot, not too cold. It’s not snowing or raining – you hated the rain. You hated being outside. We would have cuddled on the couch on your …

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Jul 21

I Think I Subconsciously Hate My Fiance

Engagement 020 edit

I sincerely love my fiance. He’s one of my favorite people, and he’s hilarious. He gets my sense of humor, and he keeps me grounded when I am SO not. But I’m starting to think that I subconsciously dislike him. Specifically in my sleep, I do every possible thing that could annoy him. The other night, …

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Apr 21

Household Chemicals

So, the other day I came home and my apartment smelled weirdly of bleach. Which was really strange because I didn’t ask anyone to clean anything with bleach. I very specifically said “Please clean the stove with the rubbing alcohol” because I wanted to know how the thing that I had found on Pinterest (and regrettably …

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Sep 02

Why Your Business NEEDS to accept credit cards


This past weekend was the Detroit Jazz Festival in downtown Detroit. It’s kind of a big deal around here, and there were tons of people there when it first opened on Friday. They closed down all of Woodward for this festival and there’s tons of music and food and everything that you could ever expect at …

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Aug 19

The Problem with Truncated Feeds (and how to fix them)


I want to preface this by saying that I am not a truncator (That’s not a word) and I will never be a truncator, but a lot of people are, and a lot of people do it very very badly. Not only am I a blogger, but I’m also a blog-reader. I use Feedly, since …

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Aug 14

Free Ashton Kutcher Speech Printables

What? A post on a Wednesday? Who knew that I would stay up until almost midnight making Ashton Kutcher posters on a Tuesday night when I CLEARLY should have been sleeping? I heard bits of his speech from the Teen Choice Awards on the radio on my way to work on Monday and it really …

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Jul 30

The Polka Dot Cake from Hell

polka dot cake

This past weekend was Ronan’s birthday party up at the Port Huron KOA Kampgrounds, and naturally, I was charged with making the cake. There was one thing that was mandatory on the cake, and that was it had to involve moose because that’s what Ronan’s mom calls him. This post contains affiliate links, which means …

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Mar 01

30 Days of Crafting

30 day of crafting

I have a problem. I am a habitual craftstarter, in that I start a project and then a few hours later, I get distracted and start a new one. It’s a rough life. Mostly surrounded by sad, half finished projects that either didn’t work out or I got my craft-high out of and didn’t need …

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Jan 23

Bucket List

This was originially posted on on October 21, 2011. Yesterday, I mentioned that blogging for 30 days was on my bucket list, so I thought I should share my whole list (Including the ones that have been crossed off). This isn’t my first bucket list, and it doesn’t include everything from my old bucket list, …

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