May 02

Fashion Star: Episode 8


Kara Larick’s tuzedo shirt was interesting. I liked the detail on the front, and the bit that hung down in front at the bottom. I especially liked it in grey, which Sak’s of course didn’t pick up. It’s an interesting top – though I’d never wear it. Sak’s is selling it for $235, and I’m glad they styled the model differently than they did for the fashion show. Kara’s models weren’t wearing pants. One wore leggings. It wasn’t good.

Luciana’s dress came across as very Miami. It was cute and the petal bottom created a little bit of character. It seemed as though it gave the models hips where they had none, which is never a bad thing! The neck was really interesting, and I loved the pattern. I actually really liked this dress! They’re strangely selling it for $325 in floral and $295 in black. Why you wouldn’t sell it for the same price, I don’t know, but whatever. I wish this dress was at Macy’s. So I might actually be able to buy it.

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 8


Ronnie Escalante’s dress was very plain to me. It didn’t see to flatter the model much, and there wasn’t much detail at all. Or any. It just looks like a dress that you can buy anywhere. I honestly don’t have much to say about this dress because it’s so plain. H&M is selling it for $39.95. I really have nothing to say.

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 8


Nzimiro’s cardigan was very cute. I’m a huge cardigan fan – on men and women – and this one just looks really cool. I’m really glad it got picked up by Macy’s. I don’t understand the $119 price tag AT ALL other than the fact that they’re running out of everything really quickly from the show. I want this for Chris. And myself. And everyone around me. Mike?

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 8


This episode wasn’t very interesting. And they sent Ross home. And they’re sending home three people next week. What?

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