Apr 25

Fashion Star: Episode 7

Kara Larick’s suit was baggy. It looked like it was 3 sizes too big on all of the models. And long. I was betting someone was going to buy it – most likely Saks. And after a ridiculously long wait, they of course paid $100,000 for it. Only problem is that no one else wants to buy from her, which is a big part of the competition… I guess? They’re selling separates – $140 for the baggy plaid shorts, $350 for a baggy three button jacket, and $195 for baggy pants. Saks never sells out of their buys, so they should still be available. Or you can just buy some pants 3 sizes to big and buy a belt.

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SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 7


Ronnie Escalante’s dress was very interesting. I love the back of the dress and it would fit right in at Macy’s, so when they made the purchase, I was really excited. My mom fell in love with it, and it’s very pretty. These companies do appear to be raising their prices on the clothes from this show. Where they started offering dresses for $79, this dress is now $169.

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 7


Orly Shani really should have stayed away from what she thought looked like chicuita banana. The draping was super weird and unflattering. And of course she got offers from both Saks and H&M. She ended up at H&M for $70,000, where they’re selling it for $35.95. I really really hate this dress.

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 7

Conversely, I sort of love Luciana Scarbello’s dress. I like the shiny, mini dress, and I’d totally wear it to the club. I don’t really know how I feel about the puffy hip, so I’m glad that it was removed for the final dress, but the fabric that H&M picked is disappointing. I was excited about the big, statement flower in the model dress, and they changed the print to a smaller flower print. It takes the high quality looking dress and makes it look like something you can get at Kmart. I’d never pay the $39.95 that they’re asking for what they’re offering, even though I loved what Luciana came up with.

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 7

There weren’t any clothes that screamed amazing to me that didn’t get bought. I was honestly more disappointed by what was purchased than what wasn’t. Sarah went home, which wasn’t too surprising. I thought it was going to be Ross, but what they said about her not selling to more than one company was true.

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