Nov 17

The Shedd Wedding: The Cake and Favors

Welcome to part 3 in the series about my wedding! My absolute favorite things at the wedding were the cake and favors and apparently the alcohol.

I’d essentially planned my entire wedding on Pinterest before booking any vendors, splitting my boards¬†into every possible category before pinning anything. This actually made it WAY easier when I was sitting in Sorella’s Bakery, being asked what I wanted my cake to look like. I could just pull up the “Weddings: Cakes” board and say “I want the top and bottom from this cake, and the middle from this cake.” (I’ve since moved all of the pins from the separate boards into one wedding ideas board)

SwankyLuv: The Shedd Wedding: The Cake and Favors

The cake turned out fantastic. The top-tier was German chocolate with Bavarian Cream filling, the middle was Maraschino cherry cake with strawberry filling (It tasted like fruit snacks!), and the bottom was German Chocolate with raspberry chocolate filling. I, naturally, had three pieces.

SwankyLuv: The Shedd Wedding: The Cake and Favors

As for the favors, we had a candy buffet!! I swear I’ve been talking about this thing since I knew there was a thing called a candy buffet. We bought most of the candy in February after Valentine’s day, and the rest in the coming months, like when twizzlers went on sale at Meijer for 8 for $10, or when I happened upon a wonderful deal on peach gummy penguins at the bulk food store, and kept it all in its packaging in front of our cold air return until it was time to sort it out.

SwankyLuv: The Shedd Wedding: The Cake and Favors

We put them all in labeled ziplock bags, corresponding to the labels I’d made for the jars that I’d spent months buying on sale at Joann’s and Marshall’s. The scoops and tongs came from Party City (they were 50 cents each), and the bags were a Halloween purchase at Joann’s about a week prior to the wedding. All in all we probably spent about $150 on the whole buffet, so I’m absolutely not complaining!

SwankyLuv: The Shedd Wedding: The Cake and Favors

What did you do for your favors?

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