Aug 28

Excuses, Excuses

Before the Pinterest app came out, my last post here was the day after Mother’s day. The past 3 months have just flown by, and I owe it to you to explain where I’ve been. So here goes:

1. At the end of April, Swanky Luv exploded. It was the same day that my guest post on Profitable Organizer was posted (story of my life). I lost a lot of traffic that I would have gotten from that post, and I got discouraged. Then, I had to completely reset everything. Even after backing up, I lost all of the images and had to re-upload them, and all of my plugins were gone. Which brings me to my second point.

2. I was tired. At the time, I was working 40 hours at the home improvement store. On my feet. Outside. The prospect of coming home, coming up with an idea, doing said idea, then WRITING about said idea was less than appealing. I’ve since left the home improvement store, and actually got my real estate license and am selling real estate, which means working from home and more time to spread my time between the things that I want to do (the blog, getting my cake business started) and my job.

3. I got discouraged. I wasn’t trying hard enough to get traffic to the site, and when I did, all I was getting was spam comments (I know why now). I also had a huge blowup with google that I won’t discuss here. Let’s just say I won’t be using adsense anymore.

4. I needed to get my life back on track. Some of you may remember my Life Limbo post where I said I had no idea what was going on with my life. I still mostly don’t, but I do know that I am going to try. I got the photos into all of the posts (though the website is still not 100%. There’s a few things that I have to figure out and then there’s the cakes tab…) and I set an amazing goal that I want to succeed at. I started a real profession instead of waiting for someone to give me a job, and I made some decisions that I’ll hopefully be able to follow through on.

Swanky Luv will not be back to 5 days a week yet. I don’t have that much in my brain or the capital to work on that many projects. I have a number of things that are ready to go up, but I’ll be pacing those out. I will be trying to post at least once a week.

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