Aug 31

Be My Bridesmaid?

So, you’ve gotten engaged, called your parents, and updated your status on facebook. Maybe you’ve even started to get the ball rolling on your plans. Now, it’s time to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding. Sure, you could just call them ask them, or get together at your favorite restaurant and dish about your wedding and ask them there, or maybe they just already know that they’re going to be in your wedding, but where’s the fun in all of that? Why not go all out and do something really cool for your girls that they’ll remember forever?

If you’re the crafty type, you might head over to Something Turquoise for some instructions on how to build yourself a little box filled with bridesmaid goodies. A bottle of champagne wrapped in a tank top (to wear to your killer bachelorette party that you know they’re going to throw for you after you give them this awesome gift), a personalized champagne glass, bottle opener, and a giant diamond. Because what girl doesn’t love sparkly things?

SwankyLuv: Be My Bridesmaid? Wedding Chicks has another great box idea that will help your girls make it through your day. There’s descriptions of their dresses, the other bridesmaids (given that they don’t know each other), what’s expected of them, and then a whole bunch of examples of your colors and dress ideas for them.

SwankyLuv: Be My Bridesmaid?

There’s some amazing ideas over on the Wedding Bee Boards, like popping the question to them. This could be done over that dinner where you’re dishing about your wedding. And there are some very pretty rings that could be bought on a budget.

SwankyLuv: Be My Bridesmaid?

Another great idea from the Wedding Bee Boards is to get t-shirts made for them. The bride who did this included them in the box with a poem about her relationship with each of the girls.

  SwankyLuv: Be My Bridesmaid?

If you’re more of the baking type, head over to Marry This where you’ll find instructions to make these cupcake jars, including how to make the lids and even the tea towel that goes with it.

  SwankyLuv: Be My Bridesmaid?

These cookies from The Pastry Studio are a simple but adorable way to pop the question. I’d probably do them in the colors you have in mind for their dresses, but they’re still cute in white.

SwankyLuv: Be My Bridesmaid?

When I ask my girls (who already know, but I’m going to ask them anyway) I’m probably going to make the cake jars and put them into boxes with t-shirts and champagne and jewelry and poems that make them cry, because why not put it all together and show them all the love in the world? After all, they’re going to be a major part of the biggest day of your life, and they’re your best friends, anyway.

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