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Batter Up!

This was originally posted on kimschoenherr.wordpress.com on July 10, 2011.

I actually googled muffin jokes for that title. Embarrassing.

So yesterday, I mentioned that I got rid of an obscene amount of mail. Here’s about half of it:

SwankyLuv: Batter Up!

I’m a little upset that I missed the rain barrel truckload sale, but oh well. It’s not like it rains anymore anyway.

So after I did that, I made muffins. Now, these aren’t ordinary muffins. I’m on weight watchers, and an ordinary muffin is too many points. These are low fat, low sugar, super muffins.

SwankyLuv: Batter Up!

Can you tell what I forgot? Yup, the sugar is still in the cabinet above the coffee maker.

I got kind of excited, so no pics of the process, but I measured out the ingredients and mixed them together, and they were this fun grayish color. I also got a little cocky with the eggs and continued to try to separate the first one after the yolk had broken. Lame. Then I put them in the oven and went “Oh no! Pictures!”

SwankyLuv: Batter Up!

It’s a bit blurry because I didn’t want to melt my phone, but you get the idea. Beautiful, grey muffin mix. I’d paint a room in my house that I don’t own that color. Just so I can think about these muffins all the time.

And then they cooked. For 30 minutes. It was torture. Which you now get to experience with me.

While I was choosing ingredients, I discovered that we have two different kinds of vanilla extract. One is Costco brand, and the other is from Mexico.

SwankyLuv: Batter Up!

My vanilla choosing process went a little something like this: “Hrm… Kirkland? Xel-Ha? Doesn’t vanilla COME from Mexico? Ooo, this one was on sale!”

SwankyLuv: Batter Up!

“I wonder how many dollars that is. I’ll google it later. Why does it say pet?” Then I turned the bottle back around and went “OO! Pretty temple. Gonna use the ZelXel-haaahahahahaaa

It’s $9.38, if you’re wondering.

Two muffins are in the oven. One turns to the other and says “Gosh darn its hot in here.” The other muffin replies “holy crap a talking muffin!”

I also love this flour scoop.

SwankyLuv: Batter Up!

His name is scoopy. He’s going to mysteriously disappear when I move out unless I acquire a similar one.

Anywhooo, without further ado, blueberry volcanoes!

SwankyLuv: Batter Up!

Don’t they just look amazing? This guy’s my favorite:

SwankyLuv: Batter Up!

There’s actually a CUP of blueberries in these 6 muffins, which is a lot, but I love blueberries, so I’m a fan.

They’re a touch dry, so the next time I make them (And I will make them again soon) I’ll probably move them down a rack and cook them for 25 minutes and use more oil.

SwankyLuv: Batter Up!

It’s like a blueberry dream. I’m probably going to try something with raspberries next. Or the basil poppyseed ones that I found the other day. We’ll see.

Here’s the recipe

Blueberry Muffins
Yield 6
4 pp. each

-1 1/4 cups  flour
-1/2 tbsp baking powder
-1/2 tsp baking soda
-1/4 cup milk (I used 1%)
-1 tbsp canola oil
-3 egg whites
-1/2 tbsp vanilla extract
-1 cup blueberries
-1/8 cup sugar (I used baker’s sugar)

-Line muffin pan
-Preheat oven to 375
-Combine flour, sugar, baking powder and baking soda
-Combine all other ingredients (with the exception of the blueberries) in a separate bowl.
-Toss blueberries into the dry ingredients and make sure blueberries are well-covered in flour.
-Mix in the wet ingredients just until moist
-Spoon batter in muffin pan and bake at 375 for 30 minutes.

Note: if you don’t toss the blueberries in the flour mixture, the muffins will come out blue.

And here’s some nutrition facts:

Nutrition Facts
  6 Servings
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
Amount Per Serving
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Calories 161.9
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Total Fat 2.7 g
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Saturated Fat 0.3 g
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Polyunsaturated Fat 0.8 g
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Monounsaturated Fat 1.4 g
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Cholesterol 0.5 mg
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Sodium 260.8 mg
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Potassium 93.5 mg
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Total Carbohydrate 28.5 g
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Dietary Fiber 1.4 g
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Sugars 7.4 g
SwankyLuv: Batter Up!
  Protein 5.7 g

I love this recipe builder at sparkpeople. It’s pretty convenient.

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