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Weddings: Shower Cake

In March, two of my only best friends are getting married. After doing the shower cake for my best friend’s wedding, Jenn (the soon-to-be-bride) asked me if I would do the cake for her shower. Of course, I said yes. I bought a 14 inch round pan for the last shower, so I might as well use it! After tossing around some ideas from iambaker‘s archives, we settled on a simple white frosting with black writing around the edge.

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SwankyLuv: Weddings: Shower Cake

I enlisted my mom to do the wording because I completely forgot cursive even though they told me I’d use it all the time when I was in fifth grade she has better handwriting, and I’m none too good at writing vertically, which, as a teacher, I figured she’d be better at.

SwankyLuv: Weddings: Shower Cake

Neither of us were 100% happy with the writing, but Jenn was ecstatic, and everyone LOVED the cake. They thought it was delicious and I received so many compliments on how beautiful the cake was and how good it tasted, so I’m pretty happy with that. I might post the cake recipes I used some time in the future. They’re our tried and true yellow and chocolate cake recipes, and the frosting is the 1980′s Wilton decorators frosting recipe, and I don’t know if it’s changed at all since then.

SwankyLuv: Weddings: Shower Cake

By the way, you’re not seeing things, there ARE sparkles all over the cake. They’re CK Disco Dust
edible glitter, and I feel like they took the cake. Ahem. Jenn loved them.

Here’s some more pics. Click if you want to see the large-sized versions:

SwankyLuv: Weddings: Shower Cake   SwankyLuv: Weddings: Shower Cake

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