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Jan 24

Nail Art

This was originally posted on on November 14, 2011.  One of my favorite things to do when I get bored is my nails. I love to do little, mini art that a ton of people see and compliment. Yes, I’m fishing. So, when I’m not cooking or napping or doing homework, I’m either looking for new ways …

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Jan 23

Bucket List

This was originially posted on on October 21, 2011. Yesterday, I mentioned that blogging for 30 days was on my bucket list, so I thought I should share my whole list (Including the ones that have been crossed off). This isn’t my first bucket list, and it doesn’t include everything from my old bucket list, …

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Jan 20

Photos: Flowers

This was originally posted on on October 28, 2011. I keep forgetting I have to post. I’ve been doing well for the past 7 days, posting before midnight, every day, but today I’m going to come in right under the wire. I’m also being lazy by just posting some pictures of flowers that I’ve taken over the …

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Jan 19

I make bread

This was originally posted on on October 24, 2011. I like to make bread. Like, a lot. And I much prefer it to buying bread from the store because a) I hate having to leave my apartment when I run out of basic items and b) it’s SUPER fun. I found the recipe <a href=””>here</a>, but it’s …

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Jan 18

5 Things I Love About the Holiday Season

This was originally posted on on November 16, 2011. Despite family drama and being frantic for a full month, a few things still manage to make the holiday season (Thanksgiving to Christmas worthwhile, and this week, a few of them have come into my life. Some of these may sound selfish, but these things really are my reasons …

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