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Feb 24

The Magical Garden

This was originally posted on on July 10, 2011. My garden is magical. I swear. How else would it fill so quickly with weeds? It seems like yesterday that I planted my snapdragons and then BOOM now it looks like this: Ok, so maybe it was 2 months ago and no one’s weeded since then. But really, it …

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Feb 20

Women and Computer Science

This was originally posted on on April 17, 2011. I just found this article: SCIENCE: Women Don’t Like Male Dominated Computer Geek Stuff and it was really interesting to me. Basically, a study was performed where they put men and women in different rooms, one furnished with stereotypical geek stuff, and the other with art and nature …

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Feb 17

Get Excited!

This was originally posted on on October 20, 2011. Ok, maybe you shouldn’t but I am! I’ve spent the past few days trying to write meal plans for this summer. I’m almost done with one week. I’m starting Weight Watchers (again) this summer, and the plan is to stick with it in the fall when I finally …

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Feb 15

Wall Mount Rabbit Bottle Opener | PLASTICLAND

This was originally posted on on April 7, 2011. Wall Mount Rabbit Bottle Opener | PLASTICLAND. This might be the cutest, coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I want it!!

Feb 10

To-do Lists

This was originally posted on on April 03, 2011. I don’t make to-do lists. To me, a to-do list is a list of things that you could get done at some point in time. There are no “to-do by” dates, it’s just a list of tasks, that you need to do, at some point. I tried to keep …

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Feb 01

Mini Apple Streusel

One of the suggestions on the back of the Sanders caramel sauce is to use it as an apple dip… and we happened to have apples. Then it mentioned a topping for apple pie. We didn’t have nearly enough apples for apple pie, but I remembered a pin that I saw once on Pinterest about mini …

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Jan 31

Photos: Fall

This was originally posted on on November 7, 2011.  Here’s some photos of fall that I’ve been taking recently. Fall makes me smile. Have a great day/night/week!

Jan 30

Weddings: Shower Cake


In March, two of my only best friends are getting married. After doing the shower cake for my best friend’s wedding, Jenn (the soon-to-be-bride) asked me if I would do the cake for her shower. Of course, I said yes. I bought a 14 inch round pan for the last shower, so I might as …

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Jan 27

I Got Something in the Mail

This was originally posted on on July 10, 2011.   I got home last week from a great week running around with my boyfriend, and there was a box sitting on my bed. I love getting packages, especially when I know what wonderful things are waiting for me inside. I didn’t quite know how wonderful until I opened …

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Jan 26

Sonic Electronix

This was originally posted on on April 4, 2011. My day so far has been pretty sweet, and there’s not much to it. I checked facebook when I first woke up and saw that Sonic Electronix was going to be posting their Easter Egg Hunt hint within the next half hour. So I stayed in instead of going …

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