Jun 29

Whole House Color Scheme

One of our first projects (after a through scrubbing) planned for our new house is painting all of the rooms. I spent a lot of time before closing picking out a whole-house color scheme that would be cohesive and make the house look bigger.

I started with a floor plan that I built with the help of floorplanner.com, the MLS listing room sizes, and my poor memory. I plan to re-do the floor plan soon with real measurements, but this worked out for what I needed at the time, which was colors!

We still have to get some test pots and paint some test patches on the walls to be sure these are the exact colors that we want, but with the help of the Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore websites, this is what I came up with:I

SwankyLuv: Whole House Color Scheme

Husband was happy and loves the craft room color, so as long as these look good on the walls, we’ll be painting soon!

And here is the palette so that we can all keep track!

SwankyLuv: Whole House Color Scheme

So tell me, what’s your favorite color scheme? What would you change about my palette? What do you think?

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