Dec 22

Easy Ornament Wreath

We didn’t do very much decorating for Christmas this year. We’re trying to pack up while waiting to get short sale approval on a house we fell in love with, so it didn’t make a whole lot o sense to decorate the whole apartment (which is in shambles) this year.

I did see a couple of great ideas on Pinterest that I was dying to try out, and they happened to work out together, so I wanted to give them both a shot. They were both quick and easy ideas, so I decided that the extent of my decorating this year would be a wreath on the front door (we didn’t even put up a tree!)

SwankyLuv: Easy Ornament Wreath

I was pretty excited about the ease of this tutorial. Basically, you just take some ornaments and string them onto a stretched out coat hanger.


I used shatter resistant ornaments that I purchased at Target for $18 on sale (I used around 75 of 100 ornaments in the box), and hot glued all of the tops to the ornaments. I recommend doing this, or else run the risk of popping off every single ornament after it’s already been strung on the coat hanger like I did.

SwankyLuv: Easy Ornament Wreath

The other idea that I wanted to try out was a method of hanging that I had found in this tutorial from Sand and Sisal for her Joy Wreath. This is great for an apartment where you can’t go around putting holes in the doors, but still want to hang a wreath. Essentially, you take a Command hook and attach it upside down on the back of the door, then hook a binder clip to the hook. From there, you hang your wreath on some ribbon on the front of the door, and bunch the ribbon up in the binder clip. Like so:

SwankyLuv: Easy Ornament Wreath

I’m pretty excited about it. I can’t wait until next year when I have a real door! But I still plan to use this method of hanging, assuming the hook doesn’t fall off at some point.


How are you decorating this year? Are your plans as sparse as mine?

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