May 14

Mother’s Day

Happy Mommy’s day! Yesterday was Mother’s day, so I spent my day with my mom (obviously). Here she is watering the plants we planted yesterday:

SwankyLuv: Mothers Day

She’s gonna kill me for posting that. I made her a pot of plants for the patio for mother’s day (petunias, verbena, and pansies). She loved it.

SwankyLuv: Mothers Day

Anyway, we spent most of the day shopping, then came home and planted the vegetables we started growing in February. It took us about an hour to get it all weeded and in the raised bed.

SwankyLuv: Mothers Day

We started with placing the tomatoes. We have both beefsteak and roma this year. 2 Roma and 3 beefsteak went in the ground.

SwankyLuv: Mothers Day

Then the peppers that I bought at work a while ago. The red peppers died of thirst, but the green did well.

SwankyLuv: Mothers Day

Then in went the strawberry I bought on a whim

SwankyLuv: Mothers Day

And the zucchini that we planted in February. We actually ended up with 4 plants, so we’re going to put the other two in another part of the garden. We go through a lot of zucchini.

SwankyLuv: Mothers Day

We bought a whole bunch of plants at Lowes, so we’re look for all that very soon!

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  1. Curvy CEO

    Hey Kim –

    You won the Hot Girls Pearls Giveaway on my site! (Check it out – http://www.curvyceo.com/2012/07/04/and-the-winner-is-2/) Please send me an email and I can get your prize out to you.


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