Apr 23

Rose Cake

I was commissioned to do a cake for my mom today. Mostly, she wanted to take it to work and peddle my wares, but she’s also using it as a thank you gift to the union at work. She told me I could do whatever I wanted, so I did a little searching on pinterest and Google and came across this cake that I really liked. So I thought I’d do something like it.

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SwankyLuv: Rose Cake

This was my first time using parchment triangles, and I must say, Wilton parchment triangles SUCK. The parchment is too thin and gets holes very easily. Before getting the holes I liked them, but I was very disappointed. And my mom said they never used to be like this.

SwankyLuv: Rose Cake

Moody lighting switch. Obviously my cake isn’t identical to the other cake. I have less flowers on mine, but I think more wouldn’t look as nice.

SwankyLuv: Rose Cake

I think this would be a great, easy cake to make for Mother’s Day if you like making roses. Which I do. Although, I did realize on this cake that I need to make a slightly thinner frosting for the roses to come out smooth. Live and learn.

SwankyLuv: Rose Cake

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