Apr 18

Fashion Star: Episode 6

I wasn’t able to watch last night’s episode because of work, so all I have for you is the highlights of the show.

Saks made one purchase last night, a chiffon dress from Kara Laricks. This was a very girly surprise from her, and I’m a little impressed, though the shaping doesn’t look the best to me. Of course, Saks wants $375 for the thing. I’m also pretty sure it would cut off any normal height person mid-calf, which is just not a good look. I’m not a big fan of Kara’s.

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 6

Macy’s made their usual two purchases – a crop jacked from Luciana, and a swimsuit from Ronnie.

Luciana’s crop jacket is very cute. I love the angles and the single front closure. It comes in pink, blue, and what looks like a silvery gunmetal, and has a sort of edge to it. I think Macy’s realized that it could make a ton more money with these because this jacket is selling for $99.

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 6

Ronnie’s swimsuit looks really plain to me. The front bit is the only part that makes it unique. I think it would have been way cuter if he’d done sort of a 50′s inspired suit, but I’m a big fan of that style. Macy’s is selling one with turquoise side panels, which I sort of love, but it really is just another swimsuit to me. And for $89, I’ll pass.

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 6

H&M made two purchases – Nzamiro’s dress, and Ross’ lingerie set.

Nzamiro made an interesting choice with this one. I think I might thing differently if I saw it on a model, but it looks like something an old woman would wear on a Sunday to a Southern Baptist church. With a big floppy hat. The hat is purple. Anyway, Nzamiro should stick to men’s wear. I know he was supposed to step out of his comfort zone, but I think now he needs to step back into is. For $29.95, there are going to be a lot of very happy Southern Baptist women walking around this Sunday.

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 6

Ross’ lingerie set doesn’t scream “out of my comfort zone” to me. It screams “I’m from Texas”, just like all of Ross’ other items. It’s cute, though I’d never ever ever be caught dead in it. The bra is decent, but the panties look very old woman. And the lace in the front looks like it’s yelling “HEY! LOOK AT ME! I’M A VAGINA!” And I’m really not all about that. For $14.95, though, they’re not too bad. Of course, the sizing isn’t in bra sizing, it’s in pant sizing, which means it’s only going to fit B/C cup women to begin with, so I’m out!

SwankyLuv: Fashion Star: Episode 6

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