Apr 06

Asparagus Frittata

Pinterest makes me do wonderful, wonderful things. Sometimes evil, but mostly wonderful. Yesterday I made one of those wonderful, amazing things. When I saw this baked asparagus frittata recipe over onCookie and Kate, I knew that I had to make it. And it was fate when I realized that I had everything I needed for the recipe. Including green onions (which I substituted for the shallots)

And because I bake a TON and it’s Easter this weekend, we had 2 dozen sale-eggs so I didn’t feel bad about using 6 eggs.


Because that’s what this recipe uses. SIX eggs. But it also makes six servings, so it’s really not so bad. It calls for crumbled goat cheese and I had a tube of cheese, so I crumbled it myself. With a knife.


It’s a pretty simple recipe, and I’m a huge fan of simple recipes, especially when you use three dishes for the whole thing. And when part of your prep is done during the first half of cooking. Big fan. This took be under 30 minutes from start to finish to make, and it’s beautiful and delicious.


And the parchment paper liner also really helped cleanup, although you have to be more careful than I was. You can sort of see below in the bottom corner where the egg leaked behind the top layer of paper. It slid right out, though.


The smell is indescribable. I think the beauty of it came from the mixture of dijon mustard and goat cheese.



This was truly an incredible meal (well, meals) and I would recommend it to anyone looking to make a cheap, amazing dish. Especially if you’re looking to serve on Easter.



For all of the non-vegetarians out there, I would absolutely recommend a little bit of ham chopped up and mixed into this. I really wouldn’t add anything else because I’d be afraid of bastardizing the flavors, though.



Go to the store right now and buy yourself a dozen eggs for 99 cents. I’ve seen asparagus on sale this week too. Seriously. Right now. Go.

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Why are you still here and not at the store?

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